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What we do

Hi! We’re Digitescu Interactive.

We’re a digital studio that is dedicated to creating awesome digital experiences. We believe in making ads that don’t feel like ads, content that makes your brand stand out, and strategies that are awesomely scalable.

We work with cool and awesome clients making the internet a better place, and we hope to work with you soon, too.

Do you want to work with us? Drop us a line, say “Hello!”

Digital Strategy & Consulting

We identify the digital potential of your brand and develop successful strategies and tactics to make you achieve your goals.

We want to take your brand to the digital heights is deserves.

Social Media & Facebook Advertising

Brands nowadays are more social that ever and that’s a challenge that you don’t want to miss out on. Your clients are out there, waiting to be poked, engaged and swept off their feet by your social media game into buying your product. What are you waiting for?

Engaging Social Videos

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, than a video is worth a million.

Stay on top of your social media game with interactive and engaging social videos that your audience will love.

Clean Cut Responsive Websites

We develop awesome responsive websites, easy to update and maintain.

Cutting edge design, excellent UX and technology applied – is the perfect mix for a state of the art website that will best suit your needs.

Making the internet a cooler place, one idea at a time

Every successful project starts with a good plan. Our think team applies up to 8 factors that contribute to the makeup of your project. From our experience, these 8 stages contribute to the success of your goals.

Brand development

The digital strategy is there to define where your brand needs to go. And since tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat, we’re here to make sure you win.


The odds of hitting your target increase dramatically when you aim at it. We make sure you identify your target before you shoot at it. “Everyone” is not your customer!


Good design is good business. People tend to ignore design that ignores people, and we’re here to make sure you’re seen.


Testing a product is a learning process. Once you stop testing, you stop improving.


They say today’s technology has the life shelf of a banana, so we’re here to make sure you don’t get thrown away and you keep up with the latest trends.

User Interaction

An awesome idea is only awesome if your target audience is willing and able to interact with it. Strategy and design in motion.


They say creativity is intelligence having fun, and we like having fun. At Digitescu, we believe creativity is contagious, so we pass it on among us and to our clients & projects.

Analyse & Improve

Excellence is not a destination, it is a continuous journey that never ends. “Never stop” is one of our favourite mantras here at Digitescu Interactive.